The Admission Process

To be considered for admission to the graduate program in Psychology, a bachelor's degree is required, but there are no rigid requirements for prior academic course work. Applicants are not required to have majored in psychology, but the equivalent (in knowledge) of a bachelor's degree in psychology is recommended. For students interested in neuroscience, a strong background in biology or biochemistry is essential. Students who have not majored in psychology as undergraduates may take additional psychology courses or complete independent readings during the first year of graduate study to ensure an adequate psychology background.

A student's scores on the Graduate Record Examination general test must be submitted as part of the admission process. As a very general guide, applicants with a combined GRE score (verbal and quantitative) of 310 (1250 on the old scale) or better and either an overall or major GPA of 3.7 or better have a higher rate of admission to our program.

The process of selecting graduate students to participate in our program involves evaluating a student's undergraduate grades and any appropriate work past the bachelor's degree, GRE General test scores, letters of recommendation, and research experience. Undergraduate grades and GRE scores are important, but the faculty is primarily concerned with a prospective student's ability to conduct research. Letters from faculty members who can assess the student's research potential are important, and scholarly papers from an undergraduate class that convey information about a student's research skill may be included with the student's application.

The department only admits students if one of our faculty indicates a willingness to serve as the student’s mentor.We recommend that applicants contact faculty members with whom they are interested in working to ensure the individual will be accepting students for the coming academic year. Faculty names, contact information, and research areas can be found here.

More specific information on the application process is on the Graduate Applications web page.

Application Completion Deadline for Graduate Study in Psychology

The deadline for full admission consideration is December 1, 2017.
The application portal will be closed Jan 1, 2018.

Address for Transcripts and Supplemental Application Documents

We require hard copies of transcripts from all institutions attended previous to applying to our graduate program. You may upload unofficial transcripts for use in the application review period, but please note that an admissions offer cannot be extended until we have received all transcripts.
Please send transcripts and any supplemental documents to:

UCR PSYC Dept. - Kirsten Alonso
1111B PSYC Building
900 University Avenue
Riverside, CA 92521

Financial Support

Departmental practice is to support most if not all graduate students who are making satisfactory progress throughout their graduate careers, normally the first through fifth years of study. We will follow this practice in future years to the extent that available resources make it possible. Financial support comes in the form of fellowships, scholarships, traineeships, teaching and research assistantships, and out-of-state tuition grants. Students are expected to seek and apply for fellowships and scholarships for which they are eligible.

Prospective students must submit a completed application including official transcripts, GRE Scores (General Test only), and letters of recommendation to be considered for admission and all sources of support for which they may be eligible. Students who are eligible for other sources of support for graduate study (e.g., NSF Fellowships) are requested to apply for those at the same time they apply for admission to UCR. We also ask that all applicants consider completing the optional supplemental fellowship information form (within the application), as it greatly increases our chances of being able to request additional campus funding for applicants, beyond what the department funding packages provides.

Financial support is provided in the form of fellowships, tuition grants, and teaching and research assistantships. Fellowships include the Chancellor's Distinguished Fellowship, the Eugene Cota-Robles Award, and the Provost Research Fellowship. Tuition grants for non-resident fees are available to qualified out-of-state graduate students for the first year only; students are expected to establish residency by the end of their first year. International students will be supported presuming timely and satisfactory progress in the program.

Students are also supported by various teaching and research assistantships. Teaching assistantships pay approximately $19,400 for the 2017-18 academic year. Fellowships typically exceed this amount. In many cases, students receive additional summer support as teaching or research assistants. TAs and RAs appointed for at least 25% time are eligible for a fee remission, which includes the Graduate Student Health Insurance fee, and would then have a net balance due of approximately $348 in miscellaneous fees per quarter. (All fees are subject to change without notice.)

Please contact us if you have further questions, or if we can help in any way:

Kirsten Alonso, M.S - The Graduate Student Advisor 
Department of Psychology
University of California
Riverside, California 92521