Graduate Course Work

In consultation and collaboration with their faculty mentor, all students are expected to conduct research in the 1st and 2nd years of graduate study. Students are required to demonstrate the ability to carry through to completion rigorous empirical research and to be active in research throughout their graduate career. All students are required to begin research in their first year in the graduate program, under the supervision of a three-person committee. By May of the second year, each student will report orally and in written professional journal format the results of their research.

1st-Year Course Work

Classes for all first-year students include a core set of three courses examining statistical and research procedures. (Neuroscience students may not be required to take all three statistical courses.)

Statistical Core

211 - Statistical Inference
212 - Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis
213 - Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance

In addition, students take a set of core courses that are specific to their area of specialization. NOTE: You can look for further course descriptions here.

Specialization Cores


203A - Overview of Cognitive Science and Perception
203B - Attention and Memory
203C - Higher-Level Language and Cognitive Processes
233 - Research Methods in Cognitive Science


207A - Theories in Developmental Psychology
207B - Social Development
207C - Processes of Cognitive Development
208 - Research Methods in Development


200A - Fundamentals of Neuroscience
200B - Fundamentals of Neuroscience
200C - Fundamentals of Neuroscience


225 - Theories and Concepts of Social Psychology
226 - Theories and Concepts of Personality Psychology
227 - Research Methods in Social and Personality Psychology

2nd-Year Course Work

During the second year of graduate study, students satisfy the department's "further study" requirement by completing five additional courses before completing the qualifying examination and in order to qualify for Ph. D. candidacy. These courses or seminars are selected to provide further study beyond the area core course requirements. Courses must be 3- or 4-unit courses or seminars, and at least one must be a Departmental core course (listed in 2, above) outside the student's area of specialization. This requirement is flexible in order to provide a choice of courses appropriate to the student's goals. The five courses may be used to obtain breadth and/or depth in the student's program of study.

The student's adviser and the department graduate adviser must approve the list of courses used to satisfy this further study requirement. Students who have completed graduate-level course work prior to entering the UCR program may request that specific courses be accepted toward the satisfaction of this requirement. This request will be reviewed using procedures and standards typically applied to the approval of courses to satisfy this requirement.