Developmental Brown Bag

Fall 2018
Oct 15, 2018Elena KokkoniUC RiversideMerging assistive technology and environmental enrichment to enhance self-mobility and spatial exploration in children with motor delays
Oct 08, 2018Carla Strickland-HughesUniversity of the PacificAging, Self-Regulation, and Cognitive Success

Winter 2018
Mar 19, 2018Marco del GiudiceUniversity of New MexicoDevelopmental plasticity: crisis and opportunity
Mar 12, 2018Annika SpeerUC RiversideProfessional development: public speaking workshop
Mar 05, 2018Erica CartmillUCLAIconicity and convention in the manual modality: Perspectives on development and evolution
Feb 26, 2018Michael PerinoUniversity of Illinois Urbana ChampaignTBA
Feb 19, 2018President’s day No seminar
Feb 12, 2018Rashmita MistryUCLATBA
Feb 05, 2018Arber TasimiStanfordGrappling with goodness in infancy and childhood
Jan 29, 2018Megan HertingUSC Keck School of MedicineA multimodal imaging approach to understanding sex hormones and the developing brain
Jan 22, 2018Area meeting No seminar
Jan 15, 2018MLK Day No seminar
Jan 08, 2018Mary Helen Immordino-YangUSCEmbodied brains, social minds, cultural meaning: Interdisciplinary, developmental research on social emotions

Fall 2017
Dec 04, 2017Area meeting No seminar
Nov 27, 2017  Professional development
Nov 20, 2017Jennifer SilversUCLANeurodevelopmental approaches to resilience
Nov 13, 2017Lea DoughertyUniversity of Maryland College ParkThe Intergenerational Transmission of Risk in Depressed Parents and their Offspring
Nov 06, 2017Adena SchachnerUC San DiegoThe development of social reasoning: The hidden social meaning of others' actions and objects
Oct 30, 2017Zoe LibermanUC Santa BarbaraBirds of a feather flock together: Similarity drives reasoning about affiliation and social groups
Oct 23, 2017Jyoti NandaUCLAReimagining Race, Disability & Juvenile Incarceration
Oct 16, 2017Steve LeeUCLADevelopmental perspectives on comorbidity in ADHD
Oct 09, 2017Jessica BorelliUC IrvineDeconstructing Coercive Parent-Child Interactions: Developing a Conceptual Model for Understanding Children’s Anxiety
Oct 02, 2017Arber TasimiStanford UniversityMoral development is hard work

Spring 2016
May 30, 2016  NO BROWN BAG
May 23, 2016Jorge Monroy TBD
May 16, 2016Hollie Almeria TBD
May 09, 2016Yeram Cheong TBD
May 02, 2016Emily Shih TBD
Apr 25, 2016Angela Sillars TBD
Apr 18, 2016Sofia Stepanyan TBD
Apr 11, 2016Laura Dimler The co-development of externalizing and internalizing behaviors across early childhood: A 6.5-year longitudinal study
Apr 04, 2016Kirsten Lesage Can God Make the Impossible, Possible? Children's Developing Understanding of Possibility and Causal Mechanisms
Mar 28, 2016Kristen Rudd Intrusive Parenting and Later Child Behavior Problems: Differential Moderation by Cardiac Reactivity versus Recovery

Winter 2016
Mar 07, 2016Scott JohnsonUniversity of California, Los AngelesConstraints on Statistical Learning in Infancy
Feb 29, 2016Gedeon DeákUniversity of California, San DiegoHow Do Infants Learn, and Learn From, Social Interaction?
Feb 22, 2016Gizelle AnzuresUniversity of California, San DiegoThe Development of Racial Bias
Feb 08, 2016Melissa KoenigUniversity of MinnesotaChildren’s Testimonial Learning: Understanding Sources of Protection and Vulnerability
Feb 01, 2016David MoorePitzer CollegeHow genomes develop: The epigenetic interface between genes and environments
Jan 25, 2016Kaveri SubrahmanyamCalifornia State University, Los AngelesDigital Media and development: The relation between electronic communication and well-being
Jan 18, 2016  NO BB (MLK DAY)
Jan 11, 2016May Ling HalimCalifornia State University, Long BeachTBA
Jan 04, 2016  CANCELLED

Fall 2015
Nov 30, 2015Ashley Ricker & Parisa ParsafarUC RiversideTBA
Nov 23, 2015Ana MarceloUC RiversideTBA
Nov 16, 2015Laura Quinones-Camacho & Christina NicolaidesUC Riverside 
Nov 09, 2015Gizelle AnzuresUC San DiegoThe Development of Racial Bias
Nov 02, 2015  Job Application Workshop
Oct 26, 2015Rachel WuUC RiversideCognitive Aging as a Learning Problem: Insights from Cognitive Development
Oct 19, 2015Jessica MontagUC RiversideReading might change the way children and adults speak
Oct 12, 2015  CANCELLED
Oct 05, 2015  Writing Workshop
Sep 28, 2015Jon WillitsUC RiversideWhat Can Children Learn from Six Million Words

Spring 2015
Jun 01, 2015Dianna PhillipsUC RiversidePerceived loneliness as a contextual moderator of the etiology of cognitive functioning: An international study
May 25, 2015  Memorial Day Holiday
May 18, 2015Parisa ParsafarUC RiversideExperiencing, Regulating, & Remembering: Emotional Intensity, Regulation, & Individual Differences in Children’s Experiences Predict Memory for Emotion-Eliciting Information
May 11, 2015Anondah SaideUC RiversideChildren's Developing Conception of a Deity: An Examination of Endogenous and Exogenous Factors
May 04, 2015Daniel HarmonUC RiversideChildren as Purveyors of Conservation Knowledge: The Role of Social Context in Child to Caregiver Intergenerational Learning
Apr 27, 2015Laura Quinones-CamachoUC RiversideStaying flexible under pressure: The effects of cumulative risk and physiological dysregulation on cognitive control and emotion regulation
Apr 20, 2015Laura DimlerUC RiversideParenting Effects are in the Eye of the Beholder: Differences in Perceptions Predict Adolescent Externalizing
Apr 13, 2015Dr. Joseph CumminsUC RiversideNeonatal Health and Health Care Decision Making in Bangladesh: Evidence from the Rang-Din Nutrition Study
Apr 06, 2015Dr. Brooke WilkenUniversity of Wisconsin-MaddisonEast-West Sociocultural Influences on Affective Regulation and Experience: Their Mechanisms and Consequences

Winter 2015
Mar 09, 2015Dr. Jessica BorelliPomona CollegeAttachment Avoidance and Emotional Deactivation
Mar 02, 2015Dr. Kathleen PrestonCSU FullertonPositive Family Relationships Scale: A longitudinal approach to construction and validation
Feb 23, 2015Dr. Jutta HeckhausenUC IrvineMotivational Self-Regulation in Life-Span Development
Feb 16, 2015  President's Day Holiday
Feb 09, 2015Dr. Adriana GalvanUCLANeural Representation of Friendships and Family in the Adolescent Brain
Feb 02, 2015Dr. Eugene WongCSU San BernardinoUtilizing Cognitive Training in the School Setting: Potential to Impact the School Experience?
Jan 26, 2015Drs. Liz Davis, John Franchak, & Misaki NatsuakiUC RiversideProfessional Development: How to Write Effectively
Jan 19, 2015  MLK Holiday
Jan 12, 2015Dr. Laura Zettel-WatsonCSU FullertonSocial Relationships and Health in Later Life

Fall 2014
Dec 08, 2014Dr. Niwako SugimuraUniversity of Illinois: Urbana-ChampaignAntecedents and Consequences of Peer Victimization
Dec 01, 2014  Faculty Meeting
Nov 24, 2014Dr. Gerardo RamirezUCLAMathematics Anxiety: Origins, Impact, and Cognitive Mechanisms Driving Poor Performance
Nov 17, 2014Dr. Alison GuerraUC San DiegoCANCELLED
Nov 10, 2014Dr. Piercarlo ValdesoloClaremont McKenna CollegeAwe & Order
Nov 03, 2014  Professional Development
Oct 27, 2014Dr. John FranchakUC RiversidePerception-action development across the lifespan
Oct 20, 2014Dr. Justin BonnyEmoryMagnitude Representation: Math Skills, Development, and Mechanisms
Oct 13, 2014Dr. Ahmed IbrahimUC RiversideInquiry Learning: A Discussion of a New Theoretical Framework and Empirical Findings

Spring 2014
Jun 02, 2014Fanita TyrellUniversity of California, RiversideA Growth Curve Analysis of Housing Quality Among Transition-Aged Foster Youth
May 19, 2014Christina NicolaidesUniversity of California, Riverside 
May 12, 2014Danielle SamuelsUniversity of California, Riverside 
May 05, 2014Molly SchlesingerUniversity of California, RiversideYoung children’s STEM interest and relationships with characters
Apr 28, 2014Dr. Laura ShneidmanUniversity of ChicagoCultural experience and social learning: Evidence from Yucatec Mayan and U.S. populations
Apr 21, 2014Dr. Raedy PingUniversity of Chicago 
Apr 14, 2014Dr. Ilona YimUniversity of California, IrvineStress-Related Predictors of Postpartum Depression
Apr 07, 2014Dr. Stephanie ReichUniversity of California, Irvine 
Mar 31, 2014Dr. Briana HorwitzCalifornia State University FullertonInterpersonal relationships and functioning in parents and children: Examining genetic and environmental effects

Winter 2014
Mar 10, 2014Rebecca BrookerMontana State University: Psychology 
Mar 03, 2014Elizabeth CiprianoPenn State University & American Public University: Human Development and Family Studies 
Feb 24, 2014Linda LevineUC Irvine: Psychology and Social Behavior 
Feb 17, 2014  Holiday - no talk
Feb 10, 2014Gail HeymanUC San Diego: PsychologyThe Development of Social Evaluation
Feb 03, 2014Cixin WangUC Riverside: Graduate School of Education 
Jan 27, 2014Ashley RickerUC Riverside PsychologyExamining the influence of interactive media on memory development
Jan 20, 2014  Holiday - no talk
Jan 13, 2014Diane LickenbrockWestern Kentucky UniversityExamining the Development of Emotion Regulation Within the Parent-Infant Relationship

Fall 2013
Jan 06, 2014Rebekah RichertUC Riverside PsychologyContent, Context, and Characters: Negotiating the Fuzzy Line between Fantasy and Reality
Dec 02, 2013Dr. Susan CharlesUC Irvine: Psychology and Social Behavior 
Nov 25, 2013Dr. Ashaunta TumblinUC Riverside: School of Medicine 
Nov 18, 2013Dr. Tanya NieriUC Riverside Sociology 
Nov 04, 2013Dr. Angela LukowskiUC Irvine: Psychology and Social Behavior 
Oct 28, 2013Dr. William DunlopUC Riverside Psychology 
Oct 21, 2013Dr. Cecilia CheungUC Riverside Psychology 
Oct 14, 2013Dr. Rebekah RichertUC Riverside Psychology 
Oct 07, 2013Dr. Chuansheng ChenUC Irvine 

Spring 2013
Jun 03, 2013Ana BlanksUC RiversideThe relationship between foster care placement characteristics and sexual risk behavior among recently emancipated youth
May 20, 2013Sabrina PetersonUC RiversideRelational Processes Underlying Risk and Resilience among Emancipated Foster Youth
May 13, 2013Carly Dierkhising & Andrea LaneUC Riverside & Office of the Senate, Senator Carol LiuVictims Behind Bars: Abuse during Juvenile Incarceration and Post-Release Social and Emotional Functioning
May 06, 2013Dr. Sara Olivio CastroUC RiversideThe Effects of a Cultural Responsive Social Emotional Learning Intervention on Latino English Learners' Resiliency and Academic Outcomes
Apr 29, 2013Dr. Rebekah RichertUC RiversidePossibility, Impossibility, and Analogical Transfer from Fantasy Stories
Apr 22, 2013Tamar KhafiUC RiversideMaternal Emotional Overinvolvement Revisited
Apr 15, 2013Developmental Area StudentsUC RiversidePresentation of SRCD Poster Drafts
Apr 08, 2013Brandon CarlisleUC RiversideExamining self-handicapping through self-report and an experimental task
Apr 01, 2013Dr. John McArdleUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLatent Variable Modeling of Differences and Changes with Longitudinal Data

Winter 2013
Mar 11, 2013Shuheng ZhaoUC RiversideFamilial Contribution to Children's Development of Self-Regulated Learning during the Early School Years
Mar 04, 2013Dr. Kimberly LakesUC IrvineTBA
Feb 27, 2013Rachel FlynnUC RiversideAcute Effects of Physically Active versus Inactive Video Game Play on Executive Functioning Skills in Children
Feb 11, 2013Dr. Aaron SeitzUC RiversideApplying Perceptual Learning Across the Lifespan
Feb 04, 2013Dr. Patricia GreenfieldUC Los AngelesBridging Cultures for Latino Immigrant Families and the Schools: From Theory and Research to Practice, Intervention, and Dissemination
Jan 28, 2013Dr. Rebekah Richert & Dr. Kate SweenyUC RiversideWhy Can't I Breathe?: Doctor Communication and Children's Knowledge of Asthma
Jan 14, 2013Dr. Tamsin GermanUC Santa BarbaraNarrow versus Broad Specialization in Mechanisms Supporting Theory of Mind

Fall 2012
Dec 03, 2012Juliet McMullinUC RiversideTBA
Nov 19, 2012Sara BerzenskiUC RiversideEmotional Development in Adversity
Nov 05, 2012Tiffany BerryClaremont Graduate UniversityComparing Socio-Emotional Outcomes for Early Adolescents who Join After School for Internal or External Reasons
Oct 29, 2012Nicholas ShamanUC RiversideChildren's Learning and Understanding of Religious Rituals
Oct 22, 2012Gedeon DeákUC San DiegoLearning To Be With: Origins of Social Skills
Oct 15, 2012Elizabeth DavisUC RiversidePhysiological Assessment of Emotion Regulation: What is RSA Reactivity Really Indexing?
Oct 08, 2012Mary GauvainUC RiversideChildren’s Questions in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Four-Culture Study

Spring 2012
May 28, 2012  NO Brown Bag Memorial Day
May 21, 2012Stephanie JohnsonUC RiversideThe Foster Youth Stigma Scale: A New Measure Examining the Correlates and Consequences of Stigmatization among Former Foster Youth
May 14, 2012Julienne PalbusaUC RiversideThe Foster Youth Stigma Scale: A New Measure Examining the Correlates and Consequences of Stigmatization among Former Foster Youth
May 07, 2012Erin SmithCal BaptistOrigin Beliefs in Chinese Children and Adolescents
May 02, 2012Ana MarceloUC RiversideContribution of Child’s Play to Child Adjustment through Coping Flexibility
Apr 30, 2012Izabela GreyUC RiversideNarratives and Resilience in Newly Emancipated Foster Youth
Apr 23, 2012Ashley Ricker and Sara BerzenskiUC Riverside(Ricker) Evaluating the Influence of Perceived Stress on Memory and Speed Trajectories; (Berzenski) Differential effects of environmental, relational, and biological adversity on autonomic regulation in young children
Apr 16, 2012Lauren AaronUC RiversideMaladjustment and Inhibitory Control Among Children Exposed to Parental Incarceration
Apr 09, 2012Laura Wray-LakeClaremont Graduate UniversityDevelopmental Patterns in Social Responsibility across Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Apr 02, 2012Melinda LeidyFirst 5 Los AngelesWorking in Child Policy and Advocacy

Fall 2011
Nov 28, 2011  Area Pot Luck Gathering
Nov 21, 2011Tamar KhafiUC RiversideEthics in Data Analysis and Publication: Black, White, or a Muddled Gray
Nov 14, 2011Jason ReimerCSU San BernardinoDevelopment of Cognitive Control: Goal Representation and Maintenance in Children and Young Adults
Nov 07, 2011Janna JuvonenUC Los AngelesThe Power of Bullies & the Plight of Their Victims
Oct 31, 2011  TBD
Oct 24, 2011  Area Faculty Meeting
Oct 17, 2011Rakel LarsonUC RiversideA Meta-Analysis of Identification Accuracy and Probative Value in Child and Adult Witnesses
Oct 10, 2011Tiffany BerryUC RiversideA Meta-Analysis of Identification Accuracy and Probative Value in Child and Adult Witnesses
Oct 03, 2011Sara WakefieldUniversity of California, IrvineMass Imprisonment and Racial Disparities in Childhood Behavioral Problems

Winter 2011
Mar 07, 2011Michael RobbUniversity of California, RiversideThe 'New' Dialogic Reading: The Impact of Parental Involvement on Children's Story Comprehension During a Digital Storybook Reading
Feb 28, 2011Brian GendronUC RiversideSelf-reported Thresholds of Aggression and Patterns of Bullying Behavior among Elementary School Students
Feb 21, 2011  No Brown Bag: Holiday
Feb 14, 2011Sonya NegriffUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPubertal Timing: Associations with Adolescent Health, Mood, and Behavior Problems
Feb 07, 2011Kelly HuffmanUC RiversideNature and Nurture: How Genes and Environment Shape the Neocortex in Development
Jan 31, 2011Kevin KaeochindaUC RiversideThe Erosion of Parental Support: A Child-Driven Model
Jan 24, 2011Micheal VanderwoodUC RiversideTBA
Jan 17, 2011  No Brown Bag: Holiday
Jan 10, 2011Nathalie CarrickCSU FullertonThe Influence of Emotion on Children's Fantasy-Reality Distinctions
Jan 03, 2011Michael BiehlUC DavisPubertal Timing, Peer Context, Attractiveness, and Adolescent Drinking: Sex Differences in the Influence of Best Friends and Romantic Partners

Fall 2010
Nov 29, 2010Nancy GuerraU.C. RiversideRaising Healthy Children
Nov 22, 2010Natacha GodboutUniversity of Southern CaliforniaParental Psychological Maltreatment, Adult Attachment, and Psychological Outcomes
Nov 15, 2010Barbara SarneckaU.C. IrvineNumber: The Construction of a Concept
Nov 08, 2010David LiuU.C. San DiegoThe Role of Contrasts between Individuals in the Development of Social Cognition
Nov 01, 2010Sara FairbornU.C. RiversideThe Effects of Community Violence Exposure on Adolescents' Health
Oct 25, 2010Marsha IngU.C. RiversideImproving Mathematics Achievement through Active Student Participation in Mathematics Classrooms
Oct 18, 2010Steve LeeUCLADevelopmental Perspectives on Gene-Environment Interplay for Childhood Externalizing Disorders
Oct 11, 2010Ioakim BoutakidisC.S.U. FullertonExploring the Achievement Gap in Latino Adolescents: The Differential Impact of Academic Engagement
Oct 04, 2010Sara CastroU.C. RiversideSocial Emotional Learning for English Language Learners: From Theory to Practice
Sep 27, 2010  Introduction

Spring 2010
May 31, 2010  Departmental Holiday
May 24, 2010Isabella GreyUC RiversideTBA
May 17, 2010Catherine ChouUC RiversideAcculturation and Family Influences on Risky Decision Making
May 10, 2010Rakel LarsonUC RiversideReporting Serious Crimes to the Police: Predictors of Witness Non-Participation
May 03, 2010Catalina ZavalaUC RiversideTBA
Apr 26, 2010Shelly SadekUC RiversideSocial-Cognitive Predictors of Risk-Taking
Apr 19, 2010Rachel FlynnUC RiversideHow Parent-Child Interaction Supports Preschoolers' Learning from Interactive Media
Apr 12, 2010Kaveri SubrahmanyamCSU Los AngelesDigital Youth: New Behaviors, New Selves, or More of the same?
Apr 05, 2010Mary Gauvain & Heidi BeebeUC RiversideContamination Sensitivity in Rural Uganda
Mar 29, 2010Angela LukowskiUC IrvineThe Influence of Experience: Relations between Brain Development, Memory,and Executive Functioning in Infancy and Beyond

Winter 2009
Mar 09, 2009Wendy GoldbergUC IrvineTo what extent is maternal employment related to children's achievement and behavior?
Mar 02, 2009Joe PriceSan Diego State UniversityThe KEEP Foster Parent Training Intervention: A Parent Mediated Approach to Reducing Child Behavior Problems
Feb 23, 2009Sigrid JamesLoma Linda UniversityWhy Services Research? – Its Relevance to Developmental and Implementation Research
Feb 16, 2009  No Brown Bag - Presidents' Day
Feb 09, 2009Mae HoUC RiversideAdolescent Perceptions of Parental Strategy and Parental Response to Failure
Feb 02, 2009Shuheng ZhaoUC RiversideDoes Understanding Their Partner’s Intention Help Children Participate in Collaborative Planning?
Jan 26, 2009Kevin KaeochindaUC RiversideThe Effects of Parental Sacrifice and Acceptance on Adolescent Youths' Outcome and Behavior
Jan 19, 2009  No Brown Bag - MLK Day
Jan 12, 2009Roberta EspinozaCSU Fullerton 
Jan 05, 2009Melinda LeidyUC RiversideMarital Relations and Child Adjustment in Mexican American Families: From Basic Research to Prevention

Fall 2008
Dec 01, 2008  ** POT LUCK GATHERING ** (bring something to share)
Nov 24, 2008Shuheng ZhaoUC RiversideDoes Understanding Their Partner's Intention Help Children Participate in Collaborative Planning?
Nov 17, 2008William PerezClaremont Graduate UniversitySkin Color, Physiognomy, Ethnic Identity & Perceived Discrimination among Immigrant Latino Young Adults
Nov 10, 2008Mae HoUC RiversideAdolescent Perceptions of Partental Strategy and Parental Response to Failure
Nov 03, 2008Kevin KaeochindaUC RiversideThe Effects of Parental Sacrifice and Acceptance on Adolescent Youths' Outcome and Behavior
Oct 27, 2008Bill Schmechel, Monica Wicker, & Joanne ChenUC Riverside HRRBThe Ins & Outs of the Human Research Review Board (HRRB)
Oct 20, 2008Jodi QuasUC IrvineStress, Social Context, and Event Memory in Children
Oct 13, 2008Nim TottenhamUC Los Angeles 
Oct 06, 2008Tanya NeiriUC RiversideAcculturation in Childhood and Adolescence: The Myriad Ways Cultural Identity and Change Influence Youth Scoio-emotional Development and Associated Neural Phenotypes following Early Institutionalization
Sep 29, 2008  Welcome & Introductions

Fall 2007
Dec 03, 2007   
Nov 26, 2007   
Nov 19, 2007   
Nov 12, 2007  NO MEETING: Holiday
Nov 05, 2007   
Oct 29, 2007   
Oct 22, 2007   
Oct 15, 2007   
Oct 08, 2007